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Cool New TV Technology

The Consumer Electronic Show is rapidly approaching, which is where new technologies in televisions and other displays are often revealed. There are different technologies moving to the forefront of how we interact with our television sets, with market leaders developing new technology like 3D television and Internet-connected television. Still not sure what to expect when it comes to televisions in 2012? Check out some of these trends that are rapidly evolving.


LED TVs are one of the most rapidly evolving trends seen in the television world. Instead of using large fluorescent bulbs to provide back-lighting for these TVs, small light emitting diodes are used. These LEDs provide a sharper picture with more crisp colors than what is possible with a traditional LCD TV. The panels for LED TVs are also up to a full half-inch thinner, which is great for people who love to mount their televisions on the wall.

Internet-enabled TVs

Another growing trend is televisions that feature apps already built into them. A current line of Sony TVs are available that feature the Android-powered Google TV suite that provides access to major services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant. In addition to these services, movies are also available to be rented straight from the Android market, so these TVs are ready-made entertainment suites without any additional hookups. Samsung will be offering a Google TV integrated set within the next few months, and it is speculated that Dell TV deals will be available for Internet ready televisions within the near future.

While Apple TV is available as a set-top box, currently there is no TV that integrates with the service without the need for an external product. Apple may delve into the realm of Internet-ready televisions within the near future if the set-top box is any indication.

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